*~ Unfortunately we will not have ANY honey this year for resale.~*

The latest outbreak of Colony Colapse Disorder is not treating us well here in Alaska. We are in the process of learning all we can from many talented and knowledgable beekeepers about over wintering our bees with hopefully the best possible results, 100% recovery in the spring. The bees we got this year arrived here very stressed and the summer we are not having has caused us to not look forward to any honey for sale this year. We apologize for this and are praying that things will be better next year for all of us.

Ahhhh, pure, raw Alaskan honey, what could be better? Knowing that this honey is made in a land where the wild flowers are blooming every week bringing with them the necessary pollen for our bees, one would think that would be good enough.

The short but intense summers with bountiful sunlight allow our bees to thrive like nowhere else. Pure because we use no chemicals or medications with our bees, raw because that is where all the nutritious enzymes are found. If heated these enzymes are destroyed along with the wonderful flavor and nutrition. We offer three sizes for sale, bottling them in old fashioned canning jars and serving them with a traditional honey dipper. Half pints are $6.75 and a pint is $12.50. If you want to benefit from our award winning honey then just drop us note, we ship within 5 days of receipt. Thanks for your time and put the biscuits, rolls, toast, whatever on the fire, you'll be glad you did.

Our bees enjoy an artistic flair

Our fireweed grows real high in the summer!

1/2 pint jar of honey $6.75




Full pint jar of Honey $12.50




For a larger quantity contact us.



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